Finding Our Way.. Sometimes we look around us not knowing what’s next. We’re confused. We lose our way. We start remembering what used to be instead of focusing of what is yet to come. Some people wish for a fraction of what we have that’s why we should always be thankful. No body ever said life is an easy journey where you can always get what you want sitting down doing nothing. You want something? That’s your purpose. Hold on to it while you still can. Make effort and dedication part of your daily life. You never know what’s coming your way so you should always be prepared. Work hard and thank God, for every thing you have and for the opportunities you’ve been given. Never for a second think that you are not important. Being part of the society makes you valuable so you can make a change, so use that to your advantage. Whatever you do, remember to stay strong. And hey, a smile every once in a while won’t hurt yeah? Stick to your hopes and dreams, those will lead to your upcoming success. – Hadi Reslan


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