“A Purpose”

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A purpose..

In this life, we look around searching for a purpose,

To split right from wrong and figure out what’s worth it.

Along the way are bumps destined to occur,

To show you life isn’t just a simple stare to share.

Mistakes are made and lessons are learned.

Preparations take place and achievements are earned.

Whatever you do, never give up your hopes and dreams,

Those are the reasons you have your beliefs.

A belief that one day you will make a change,

Celebrating your success and opening a new chapter on a new page.

If the past is your concern then you have to let it go,

And move on with your life living your reality show.

Make the best of it while you’re still on your feet,

Enjoy every second and fight for what you need.

Everything happens for a reason I believe this much is true,

What are you waiting for, you’re ready aren’t you?
– Hadi Reslan


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