100 things to do when you get bored~

752d62609a4c48ca2e0200d2931c2004-5944695321. Take lots of deep breaths and listen to the sound of your own breathing.
2. Play music. *
3. Rearrange the furniture in your room.
4. Reread your favorite book.
5. Look at the stars.
6. Exercise.
7. Clean something.
8. Make a list of all the things that stress you out.
9. Rent a movie.
10. Make up stories (in your head) about strangers. *
11. Say a prayer. *
12. Record a funny message on your message machine.
13. Write a poem. *
14. Sing a song. *
15. Learn to do something new.
16. Burn incense.
17. Light a candle for someone you miss.
18. Plan a party. *
19. Take a nap.
20. Paint a picture. *
21. Teach your pet a trick.
22. Plant something.
23. Bake brownies – or try.
24. Cry.
25. Take a bath with your clothes on.
26. Beat up your pillow.
27. Meditate.
28. Look at old photographs. *
29. Go into a sealed room and scream.
30. Restyle your hair.
31. Make funny faces in the mirror. *
32. Play a sport.
33. Drink a cup of tea.
34. Drink a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows.
35. Destroy something. *
36. Fix something – possibly the thing you destroyed. *
37. Take a hike. *
38. Give yourself a good talking to. *
39. Don’t talk for the whole day.
40. Climb a tree. *
41. Write a letter to someone you’re mad at (but don’t send it!).
42. Dance. *
43. Plan a trip, even if you can’t really take one. *
44. Eat something for the first time.
45. Learn to do something new on the computer. *
46. Practice belching.
47. Eat something yummy.
48. Buy new underwear.
49. Try role playing. *
50. Practice kissing, one your own hand.
51. Wear something you never wear.
52. Smell flowers.
53. Daydream. *
54. Walk in the rain. *
55. Try to figure out how many grains there are in a quarter of sand.
56. Read a story out loud. *
57. Go to a movie. *
58. Work on your collection on whatever it is you collect.
59. Throw out something you don’t use anymore.
60. Go to a museum. *
61. Make a comic book. *
62. Make a tape/cd of your favorite song(s).
63. Learn to play the harmonica.
64. Learn some words in a foreign language. *
65. Memorize the phone numbers you call most often.
66. Whistle. *
67. Do tomorrow’s homework. *
68. Learn to juggle.
69. Practice telling jokes.
70. Learn something about your ancestors.
71. Stand on your head.
72. Visit a playground and go on the swings. *
73. Write a love letter (send it if brave enough). *(didnotsend)
74. Watch a ball game. *
75. Practice writing with your other hand. *
76. Make animal noises. *(*blushes*)
77. Skate. *
78. Visualize your perfect place. *
79. Blow bubbles. *
80. Go to the library. *
81. Take a ride on the bus.
82. Line your drawers with weird rapping paper.
83. Write a letter to your congressperson expressing a political opinion.
84. Read about a religion you know very little about. *
85. Go through your baby things and reminisce.
86. Update your address book.
87. Explore the jungle under your bed.
88. Ride your bike. *
89. Ponder the universe. *
90. Read the newspaper. *
91. Play solitaire.
92. Fly a kite.
93. Make a collage.
94. Go jogging. *
95. Make a list about all the great things about yourself, if you don’t know any, make them up!
96. Play scrabble and be all the players.
97. Write a letter to your future children and explain to then about yourself. *
98. Enter a contest.
99. Teach yourself sign-language.
100. Make a list of 100 things to do when you get bored. *
– anonymous


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