Forest between glaciers?



Quinault Rainforest, Washington. Bordering the majestic glacier-carved and glacier-fed Lake Quinault, this rainforest is one of only three temperate coniferous rainforests in the Western hemisphere.

The valley, that ultimately created the lake and rainforest, is known as the ‘Valley of the Giants” and it gets very, very wet – approx. 144 inches of rain a year – so you’ll need plenty of rain gear. There are loads of activities that you can do here, including hiking, fishing, rafting, kayaking, boating and, of course, spotting the local wildlife.

Getting back to nature is one reason to come here. There is abundance of wildlife on show including Elk, Black Bear, Cougar, Black-Tailed Deer, Coyote, and many smaller mammals such as Bobcat, Beaver, River Otter and Raccoon.


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