Health Benefits of Strawberry~


Health Benefits of Strawberry:
Because of the bountiful strawberry health benefits, this fruit is considered as a super fruit. Yes, even without genetic modification, this fruit is naturally packed with a whole lot of benefits for the body. If you have been skipping on this fruit, then it is time for you to do some alterations on your diet.

>>Antioxidants Against Diseases
Strawberry is known to be rich in antioxidant. There are different types of antioxidants that are in strawberries which are difficult to find in other fruits. The antioxidants include ellagic acid, quercetin, catechin and a whole lot of others. Because of the impressive level of antioxidants in strawberry, it greatly helps in fighting chronic diseases and allows the body to function properly.

>>Maintaining Eye Health
As you age, the free radicals can slowly cast damage on your eyes. The free radicals are to blame when it comes to drying up of eyes, destruction of optical nerve, macular degeneration, blurry vision and a whole lot of other eye ailments. Strawberries can also help you keep a clear vision. Its components such as phenolic phytochemicals and flavonoids can block the negative effects of free radicals to your eyes. The potassium in strawberries will also regulate the eye pressure.

>>Cancer Prevention
Strawberries have multiple components which empower the body to fight and prevent the formation of cancer cells. All thanks to anthocyanin, kaempferol and quercetin, it is easier to prevent tumor and cancer.

>>Reduces Risk of High Blood Pressure
The key ingredient in strawberry which makes it possible to prevent high blood pressure is potassium and magnesium. Absence of these two can cause vessels to become inflamed, hinder proper blood flow and trigger the blood pressure to rise. Aside from that potassium and magnesium also negates the effect of sodium which could also cause blood pressure to soar.

>>Anti-wrinkles and Anti-aging
Before you even consider putting on too many chemicals and creams on your face to prevent skin dryness and wrinkles, concentrate first on eating more strawberries everyday. Among the strawberry health benefits include increased production of collagen. As an effect, the skin is more elastic and resilient.

>>Goodbye to Arthritis Pain
The pain that arthritis could bring can be really excruciating. This is because the joints no longer function smoothly and the affected area can be badly inflamed. Strawberries can make the inflammation go away which also leads to reduced pain. Studies have reflected that eating strawberries daily is the key in lowering the C-reactive protein which is a signifier that a certain part of the body is inflamed.

>>Aids in Weight Management
Being overweight can trigger a whole lot of different health ailments. If you intend to maintain your weight or even lose a few pounds, snacking on strawberries is a good idea. This would easily make you feel full but it would not cause weight gain because it is low in calorie, low in sodium, low in sugar and fat-free too. It is something that would please your taste buds and ease your hunger without being troubled about possible weight gain.


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