Namaqualand Daisies~

Manaqualand Daisies_edited-2

Namaqualand Daisies

Early Spring…

This annual creates sheets of brilliant orange when it flowers in Namaqualand in early spring, drawing visitors from near and far.

Namaqualand! 100% big sky country. Extending from the Atlantic Ocean in the west to the small town of Pofadder in the east, north from the great Orange River and south beyond Garies. Namaqualand is indeed a vast and varied region.

Home to the Nama tribe who are directly descended from the Khoikhoi Nguni group. Their customs and culture were abandoned when the apartheid regime prohibited their language being taught in schools and re-located them to other areas. Their heritage is now returning and traditional dancing and old customs are being reinstated. Their multi-clicked language, which is classified by UNESCO as endangered, is being taught again and they hope to add it to the school curriculum.


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