Five Flower Lake~


Five Flower Lake or also called the Wuhua Hai or Lake is located in China’s Wuhua Jiuzhaigou National Park, and is one of dozens of natural freshwater lakes in the Valley of Rize which was part of a tour of the area that are worth a visit. China’s Jiuzhaigou National Park is a protected nature reserve with a collection of beautiful and unspoiled natural wonders. Local legend says that the Five Flower Lake is a Holy Lake, and the entire Valley is often called fairyland. Has an area of 13.8 hectares and 16.4 meters at a depth of, but Five Flower Lake is considered to be a jewel of Jiuzhaigou. Five Flower Lake and surrounding areas are home to over 140 species of birds, exotic plants and animals, as well as giant pandas are endangered, as well as a gold-nosed monkeys and tapirs. Although it has a temperate climate but pleasant, protected status permits valleys, forests and lush meadows to grow uninterrupted by large development. With crystal-clear waters making it looks to the bottom of the Lake. The blue color of the Lake and the bottom of the Lake is covered with ancient trees have fallen and lived there from time to time.


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